Friday, March 28, 2008

Greener kitchens

If you have not noticed, kitchen renovations seems to be the hot topic covered by many renovation magazines and TV shows. Our last article spoke on the problems involved in choosing the right kitchen ventilation system for your cooking needs and the size of your home. This article will touch on the green ideas and suggested links and literature to check out as you move through the design process. As always feel free to contact us at if you require any further assistance is sourcing information or contacts.

Canadian Green Product Suppliers:

Suggested books and magazines:

May 2008 issue of Fine Homebuilding – currently on newsstands or visit

2007 Kitchen and Baths – Fine Homebuilding – still on some newsstands

Good Green Kitchens – Gibbs Smith, Publisher

Suggested web links:

Green Kitchen Renovations

Green Kitchen design

Home Recycling centers
- video

Green counter tops explained
- video

Worm composting

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