Thursday, April 3, 2008

Greywater is Greenwater

Grey water, also spelled graywater, is wastewater generated from processes such as showering, bathing and laundry. Greywater gets its name from its cloudy appearance and from its status as being neither fresh (white water from groundwater or potable water), nor heavily polluted (blackwater). Greywater can be used for internal use for toilets and or for irrigation use. There are also programs for rainwater recycling.

As Greywater recycling is soon becoming a necessity and a mandatory requirement in many countries (see links below). Canada has been slow in developing and adopting a grey water standard. With the changes to the 2006 BC Building Code, local jurisdictions can make rulings to allow for grey water systems as an alternative solution. Kelowna is one municipality who has allowed the use of Brac Systems - Grey Water Recycling

When recently speaking with local BRAC representative Blair Gautschi, he stated that more people are becoming aware of the growing water problems facing us in the Okanagan (The Okanagan could double in population by the year 2020). However there has been much resistance in establishing a valley wide grey water program because of a lack of urgency due to our seemingly abundant fresh water supply, a resistance to change and the risk of liability if something goes wrong. The Canadian government has recently prepared a draft grey water recycling standard and hopefully more jurisdictions will take the initiative to introduce recycling programs in their areas.

For more information on BRAC or Grey Water recycling contact:

Blair Gautschi, Master Plumber
Excel Ventures, BRAC Systems Inc.
250 212 9750

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